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The innovative injection technology of dosing

The anesthesia delivery system «Aelita» incorporates a new innovative technology of breathing gas formation. The required concentration of anesthetic agents (sevoflurane, isoflurane, halothane and others) is provided by direct injection of the required amount of liquid anesthetic into the breathing gas stream.

The injector itself is a simple in production device, controlled by digital sensors. Characteristics of its operation and, above all, accuracy of anesthetic dosing is entirely predictable and not dependent on external factors, as opposed to analog vaporizers used in modern anesthesia delivery equipment.

Development of the injection technology has allowed creating the first fully digital anesthesia delivery system, which does not contain analog controls, as in other anesthesia and respiratory equipment. All management of anesthesia delivery system «Aelita» is performed by the touch screen similar to the way it is implemented in modern smartphones.

As a result, anesthesia delivery system «Aelita» provides:

  • Ultra high accuracy of anesthetic agent dosing;

  • Universality – one and the same injection module is used for dosing of all types of anesthetic agents (competing solutions require a costly vaporizer for each type of anesthetic agent);

  • Open digital platform — a fully digital architecture of anesthesia delivery system «Aelita» and the use of modern information technologies provide maximum convenience and ease of management of anesthesia process, and allow the upgrade in the near future to full automation of the anesthesia delivery process.


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